About Registration
 Registration takes only a few minutes of your time. Once we receive your information you will be allowed to pay the security deposit and registration fee online through PayPal. Once we receive the payment notification, we will email you your new member number and temporary password to login to Copart. You can place bids immediately after you login.

Your Bidding Limits are determined by the security deposit provided. A minimum of $400 is required to gain access. Your limits will be 10 times your deposit and 1 vehicle for each $400 that you provide. Please keep in mind that the deposit is fully refundable and will be refunded back to you at your request at any time. The deposit will be available as long as you have no bids pending, invoices due or vehicles waiting to be removed from any Copart facility.

Please feel free to email 
yaser@superiormotorgroup.com any questions about the process. We will be happy to help clarify any questions you may have about registration, security deposits, titles, payment or transportation. Thank you for choosing Superior.

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